30 Amazing Environment Ads for Earth Day

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Some of these are really creative. others very obvious.

I especially liked the one with the paper towel dispenser and with the diecut of South America


periodic table of typefaces…

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i actually looked in and read these fonts to see if the good ones were there, and was pleasantly surprised.

berillium = akzidenz-grotesk

lego bricks

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I see the world of design as simply as I saw my lego blocks as a child.

I have a box full of endless pieces, endless combinations, and a mind exploding with creativity. It’s a game. A Joke. A Mystery. An adventure.

Along my building journey, I am compulusive with a need to organize. Applying heavy doses reasoning, sense, and raw feeling.
The excitement that comes from the creation process itself.

I remember when the idea of design, of art itself was lost to me.  I did not view my daily game as I do this day.

These days I have a speed, and lightness to my work. An enjoyment I have been waiting for. An enjoyment I remember.
At last, I am playing.
As I look back, the funny thing to me is that my personal lego character was a retarded barbarian, with a chainsaw lightsaber, however, his lego brick castle was both well organized, and intricately designed.

Favorite block…. The 4 blocker.